ISA SERVER 2006: Installation part 1

Hi, I like to show you on a way simply to install ISA Server 2006.

Run the CD of the ISA Server 2006

                    Figure 1

               move your cursor to click on “Instal ISA Server 2006”

              Then, the initial component starts running to check your server. If the warning  pops up…it would be your windows server 2003 does not get the latest service pack. To run ISA Server 2006, it must be at least Windows 2003 SP1 or later.

If your windows server 2003 SP1 or later, that would be no problem, and it will run smoothly on this installation.

Figure 2

The above figure would be a next step. Just simply click Next to proceed.

Then, the License Agreement will be appeared. Please select “I accept the agrrement” like figure below.

Figure 3

Enter a serial key for next step

Figure 4


For a next step, is to set up the scenario on how you want your ISA server should be.

In my condition, I would install ISA server together with Configuration Storage Server. This is because, I have no Configuration Storage Server installed before.

Figure 5

Then, click Next. You will be asked what component should you install in Component selection. Just keep the default setting and click next.

Then, since I install the first ISA server, i would select on  creating a new isa server like figure below.

 Figure 6.

On New Enterprise Warning will be appeard after you click Next on figure 6. Proceed on Next step.



Figure 7

Fill in the username and password. Since we join the ISA server into a domain controller, do insert the administrator username and password for proceeding to the next step.

figure 8

figure 9


Figure 8 and 9 is a continous step to add the network ip address for your LAN. In my way, I choose to create the range of my IP address. Let’s say my range is to For your ease of configuration, you may choose to add “Adapter” and it will automatically add the IP range based on what your IP for internal network.

*Please be careful on above step (Figure 8 & 9). once you have made mistake on this configuration, your ISA server would not configure properly and not functional especially in internet and firewall service.

For further step, after finishing on adding the address, it will ask about the firewall client connection tab. leave it as default and click Next.

In Services Warning tab, it will tells or inform you the services that would be stopped till it ready to install.

Figure 10.

Finally, Figure 10 would ready to install. click to Install. On this last step, server needs to be restarted as we’ve finished installation….

Then, I will continue to write about ISA Server 2006 what will happened after you are ready to manage such firewall policy and so on.. see you all for next chapter on ISA Server 2006, configuring.




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