Part 2: What to know about ISA Server 2004/2006 after installation

Hello, back to ISA server. ISA Server 2006 is not much different with ISA Server 2004. In ISA 2006, there are few features are new if you can see such as publishing on OWA web..

if you succeed with the installation on part 1 that I’ve showed you, you are good to go with part 2..

Let’s say that your network infrastructure is simple like below:

 Figure 1

I can see that ISA server becomes your gateway in the internal network.

After installation of ISA Server in your LAN, your client and other server that tried to connect to the Internet will not work.

 In ISA Server 2000, after we installed the ISA, the internet starts working and it’s just like Internet Connection Sharing.

However, in ISA Server 2004 and 2006 environment, BY DEFAULT after the installation, the default rule in Firewall Policy denying all traffic in all network to connect to the Internet. this is a predefined deny access that was created by default.

To make sure that your LAN can or able to connect to the Internet, you have to create new rule in firewall policy to allow the all outbound traffic in the internal network.

If your clients/users still can’t connect to the internet, check the default gateway on the external network where in this figure 1 above, router’s IP address would be your default gateway.

if the problem still persists, check your internal network of  TCP/IP configuration where you put an IP address for DNS server.

addition, if you already put the IP address of DNS server (Internal Network), you have to go to DNS Server. In this case, my DNS server is (hostname DNS). Go to DNS in administrative tools and select the dns server – right click and select properties. What we have to add in the properties, is to add ISP DNS server at the Forwarders tab. Then, ping your ISP DNS server’s IP address. this should be work right now.

see you for the next topics.. Thank you.. 🙂


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