ISA Server: Create New rule

I would like to show you on how to create new rule to allow all users in the ogranization can connect to the Internet by allowing all outbound traffic. The reason I do this, is to make sure that the users can browse to the internet. After succeed, you may filter or make new rules to deny outbound traffics that comfort to your organization’s needs.

Allowing All user to connect to the internet. Firstly, Go to the Firewall Policy and right-click -> Access Rule

Figure 1

Second step, give a name for the new rule. In my case, i create the rule named “Permit All Outbund Traffic”. .Then, click Next

 Figure 2

In the Rule Action, choose “Allow” -> Click Next

In Protocols, I select “All outbound traffic”. -> Click Next (figure 3)

Figure 3

Next step is to select the Internal network which is a source that access the Internet.So, in Access Rules Source, you click on Add button ->Click on (-ve sign) Network and select Internal and click Add. (just like in Figure 4).

Figure 4

In a destination, you may have to add the external network so that the traffic may going out to the external or to the gateway just like in Figure 5

Figure 5

For a further step, leave as default at the user sets and click next. and finally finish.

please don’t forget to click Apply to save changes in the ISA so that ISA may take the effect for the new rule. For few seconds, all users in the internal network would be able to browse internet.

In my conclusion, it’s not a good idea to allow all users to have access on all outbound traffics. In ISA server, you can make some changes such as to deny AOL or MSN Messenger in your internal LAN.


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