Remote Management in ISA Server 2006

Remote Desktop Connection is a tool that most administrator used to remote the servers in the Datacenter.


“Alicia is a server administrator. She would like to implement and install ISA Server 2006 in their network infrastructe. Usually, all servers she’s handle can be remote by her in her desk only. After she installed ISA Server 2006, the remote deskop connection fails.. She suspects that she failed to remote all servers after she installed the ISA Server 2006”.

Possible Solution:

By default, after she finished installing and running the ISA Server in the organization, ISA started to block the remote desktops. Also, the ISA Server also cannot be managed remotely.

The solution is that Alicia must configure the Remote Management Computer properties in the ISA Server Management.

Open the ISA Server Managment and go to the toolbox on the right pane.

Search for the Computer Sets in the network objects. Then choose Remote Management Computer. In the properties, she may add what servers she needs to remote. She can add the ip address range and also subnet that the servers run.

Click Apply for saving the changes.

That’s all…


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