Connectivity Dashboard of ISA Server 2004/2006

How to configure the Dashboard for the connectivity such as DHCP, Active Directory and DNS in ISA Server 2006?

well, it’s pretty easy steps to do. In this example, I will demonstrate on how to cofigure for the AD connectivity. first thing to verify that the Active Directory Server is no downtime.

  • click on Monitoring in the array. you’ll see the dashboard, alerts, sessions, services, configuration, reports,connectivity and logging.
  • Choose connectivity.
  • then, on your right hand of your monitor, you see the tasks pane.
  • on connectivity task pane, click on create new connectivity verifier.
  • then, the welcome wizard will be appeared.
  • type AD-Server just to name the new connectivity verifier
  • click Next.
  • On connection details, type the fullyqualify domain name or server name.
  • in this example, i type “”
  • make sure to categorize on Active Directory.
  • On the verification method, it will automatically change to TCP connection to port LDAP which is port 389.

see just like figure below:

i think that would help you..

once you save the change, the dashboard will show “verify” until it shows “good”  if it can reach the Active Directory.

you may follow this step to configure DNS and DHCP as well..

good luck.


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