Installing Exchange 2003

I think I better start to show you on installing exchange 2003 before I start to install Exchange 2007. For beginner, better start from MS Exchange server 2003 so that we know the differences on ways to install in different version of exchange.

As we know, Microsoft Exchange Server is a Email Server application. It provides convenient to send or receive email using our own domain, such as

What we need in our network infrastructure before proceeding email application(exchange 2003)…? of course, our domain controller. Let’s say I have my own domain controller which is Second, you would be like to need DNS Server. We can add our DNS server integrated with the domain controller.

Let’s say the exchange server is only a single server installed in my example. I would suggest that the Exchange server is installed on different server so that I would have headache to troubleshoot my network if the exchange server is installed in domain controller itself.

What do services and tools do I need to install Exchange Server 2003?

  1. I would suggest to use Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2003 R2
  2. The Server should be joined the domain into
  3. Restart Computer and log on to the domain using Administrator or user that have member of schema and enterprise admin group.
  4. An Internet Information Services 6.0 is installed together with ASP.NET, WWW, SMTP and NNTP Service

Start Installing Exchange 2003

Put on your Exchange CD into CD-ROM. Let it run

Click on Exchange Deployment Tools

Click on Deploy the first Exchange Server 2003

you will be asked to do the eight steps. Please make sure you do the steps. the final step, you run the setup.exe

There are lot of information to be asked especially n the Component Selection after you click on setup. If there is a dash “—” on the action at the component selection, you have missed some steps. If the action says “typical”, you just click the “Next” Button. and proceed to create Ogranization. In organization wizard, I type “NETOVERME.INFO” as for my organization and click Next Button.

On Licensing Agreement, just click on I aggree that I read and will be bound by the licence agreements for this product.

Then, confirm the installation. There is a waning says that the domain would be unsafe… just click OK for proceeding the successful installation.


Overview of Publishing OWA 2003 in ISA Server 2006 SP1

Publishing OWA 2003 in ISA server 2006 SP1 is simply easy and straightforward. However, what do the beginner need to publish OWA 2003. Of course, the one thing we need to do is, to import the certificate of Outlook Web Access into the ISA server. Most mistake they did was to renew the certificate of OWA. actually, we don’t need to renew the certificate. The only thing is to export the current certificate in to a .pfx file.How do you do that?

On Exchange Server:

  • you go to your frontend exchange server or your single exchange server where you set OWA FBA.
  • Open your Internet Information Services, and right click your exchange default website.
  • right-click properties and go to Directory Security.
  • Click Server certificate button, click next to start the wizard.
  • Choose “Export the current Certificate to a .pfx file”. Click Next.
  • Enter Path and filename you want to save. Let say, C:\owacertificate.pfx
  • set the password and confirm the password and click next until finish.

After that, import the “owacertificate.pfx” into your ISA Server. Remember, you import the certificate into “Personal”. Otherwise, once you try to publish the Exchange Client Access rule, the ISA server will not seeing your owacertificate. Please make sure you import the certificate in Personal folder.

Then, create your OWA publishing. To create the OWA publishing rule, DNS server in your internal DNS take the role as well as your public DNS. For example, if the public domain is “” , you need to resolve the domain to certain IP address and also your internal dns should work fine in order FQDN works properly so that it points to the correct internal domain which accordance to your OWA publishing. have a read on Split DNS. This link should solve your problems.

see you next time on this similar to topic later on.

Test Rule Available in ISA Server 2006 SP1

Hi all,

I like to attach an image of my Exchange Access Client Publishing Rule. when you create Exchange access client publishing for the client to access OWA, or using RPC, the ISA server 2006 Service Pack 1 provides the test rule button to check whether the access rule we create is valid and reachable to destination. The Test Rule will not available at ISA Server 2006, it’s only in Services Pack1.