VPN Access Wizard

In ISA Server 2006, it’s pretty easy on how to configure VPN especially using PPTP (Point to Point Tunnel Protocol) VPN.

As I promised to continue this discussion, the ISA server has given the steps we need to follow. The figure below we need to understand:

Step 1: Configure Address Assignment and Enable VPN client Access

Address Assignment is a method of giving the IP address. we need to set this whether we use DHCP server in the internal network or set the static address pool so that client can communicate with other servers or other services in their remote network.

Enable the VPN Client Access

You need to check the box to enable the VPN Client Access. Also, you need to set the number of users would be connected via VPN. Let ‘s say in my case, I only enable 15 users to connect the VPN. This means that I would limit my IP address to reduce the waste of the IP address address.

Note: If you have not set the static address pool or range of address or automatic given be DHCP, the VPN cannot be enabled.

Step 2: Specify the Windows Users or RADIUS server

If you have an Active Directory, you need to create group.

Step 3: Verify VPN Properties

In this case, I use PPTP to help you on ease of connection. However, L2TP/IPSec is highly recommended.

Step 4: View the Firewall Policy

Of course, it’s not been set. You need to create Firewall Policy of which services you need to allow or deny for VPN client.

Step 5: Create Network Rule

This is important so that the client can access the internal network, other subnets, computers, etc.

In my case, I only create a rule which source is VPN client and Destination of Internal Network for trial purposes to make network connection successful.


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