Success of Installation on Transition Exchange 2003 and 2007

Hi back to my previous topic on transitioning Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.

I have my snapshot of the successful installation.

If you noticed during the installation, the Routing group between Exchange 2003 and Exchange server 2007 is created. Please see image below. This should be unchanged. The routing group is installed by default.

After that, you can view the mailbox of user in exchange server 2007. When you view their mailbox, in Exchange 2007, it will view Legacy Mailbox. This means that the mailbox is still stored in Exchange 2003 environment. Please see image below:

Another process example of mailbox user has been moved to Exchange 2007 mailbox database. please see image below:


To move mailbox, Expand Recipient Organization and choose Mailbox, right click the name of user mailbox and choose Move Mailbox. what you only have to do is to choose the mailbox store of Exchange 2007

After success moving mailbox, I also attach another image to show the sample of the different type of recipient mailbox store on image below.


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