Part 2: Promote Domain Controller in Windows Server 8 beta

In part 1: adding role on Active Directory Domain Services.


This part 2 will have a promote the Active Directory. after you run part 1, you will have to run dcpromo or click the image below:


then it will pop up the next wizard of Deployment Configuration.

On the figure below, since you have no other DC or forest in the organization, choose a new forest and click Next.

On a Domain controller Option below, we will be asked to specify the domain and forest functional level.  Set the forest and domain functional level to Windows 2003. My purpose is that it will easy to upgrade the level than downgrade the level because it cannot be reversal.

you need to check DNS and by default first promote domain controller will hold and deploy the global catalog. You need to put and set the password for Directory Service Restore Mode (DSRM).  DSRM is also useful to restore user in authoritative restore.  After that, you may click Next.


After that, On DNS Option, click Next



On Additonal Name wizard, you can type another additional name on NETBIOS. in my case, my NETBIOS is NETOVERME.

On Path, click Next.


On Review, check back the configuration you gone through before finalizing the Active Directory, you need to beware on such NETBIOS and SYSVOL path, NETLOGON, and domain name. after you agree on configuration, please click Next.

On Pre-requisites check, just click Install.


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