Error AD Replication: (8456) The source server is currently rejecting replication requests

It comes to my attention to share some of AD replication error that might be available or faced in your organization. I always run this replication summary, “Repadmin /Replsummary” and gets the output below:


The error above is (8456) The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.


when I go to the URL link, there are helpful for me to troubleshoot.


I have followed some steps to troubleshoot and solution:

1. I have checked the possible cause of this. I checked the registry to check the status on “DSA not Writable”.  Run Regedit.

Go to the HKLM -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> NTDS -> Paramaters.

On Setting DSA Not Writable. Check the value and I capture the screenshot below:


The DSA Not Writable is set to 4. When checking on the table of link, it shows and means that USN Rollback occurred.

The active directory was incorrectly roll back due to cause following below:

– snapshot of Virtual Machine was taken or was saved on previous snapshot.

– Restoring DC on using Imaging such as Norton Ghost.

2. I also checked the Event Viewer on Directory Service. The Event ID 1308 shows the failure of the replication.




3. I have no choice to decommission the affected domain controller by using DCPROMO /ForceRemoval.

4. After I successfully forced removal of the affected domain controller, I then use the Metadata cleanup to remove the domain controller. Check the url link – >

5. After that, remove the server record in DNS, Active Directory Site and Services.

6. On the affected server (previous affected domain controller), I then promote back to become a domain controller to have multiple domain controller.


I will update more on any kind of possible solution.


Thank you.