Scenario: Domain User unable to log in?

In this scenario, the domain user called “” tried to log in to the domain using his workstation.


Then, he got the error below:

“During the Logon attempt, the user’s security context accumulated too many security IDs”…


However, his account has been added on the 3 members “domain admins, domain users, and HQ security group in active directory environment. 

what happen?

after checking his account in active directory, log in to the other workstation, and it was working fine and able to log in. He cannot only log in to the problematic workstation above with error as stated. So, then saw that the domain account tightened or added  with multiple groups which is about 1217 groups in this workstation .

so in conclusion, the domain user does not only take into account to the member of domain groups that can affect the SIDs token which is more than 1024 group, but the local group of workstation or servers can also affect the limit access token.


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