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so… today topic I would like to share you on DHCP update DNS in Active Directory Integrated.

If your DNS is configured with Active Directory Integrated, it is recommended to use “SECURE” Dynamic Update.

so any non joined machine would not have a chance to update the DNS entry except Joined Domain Machine.

so even your standalone DHCP Server would not able to update the DNS on their behalf.


so back to our scenario, when DHCP server is joined to domain, to make the DNS and DHCP work together is to Authorize the DHCP Server.

Any of the DHCP client will be leased by DHCP server and its hostname or computername and IP address will be updated to DNS.

so what about the Server/Machine/Cellular Phone/Smartphone is not joined domain? the answer is yes, it is considered a secure because DHCP server enabled to update the host and PTR record.

To disable that, it is easy. Go to DHCP Scope, Click Properties. After that, Clear the checkbox “Enable DNS Dynamic Updates according below….”

Update DNS1