Group Policy to Schedule Task

In this topic, I will cover to use Group Policy to Deploy Task Scheduler to Map a network drive.

I used batch file called testmap.bat as content below:


@echo off

Net use M: \\nom-dc1\shared

Start M:

So I put it into NOM-DC1\Netlogon .

Configure Group Policy:

  1. Open Management Console, right-click intended OU or domain. choose “Create GPO and Link it here…”
  2. In just GPO created, right click GPO and select Edit.
  3. Go to User Configuration, Under Preferences, Choose Control Panel and Select Scheduled Tasks.
  4. At the Scheduled Task, Right-Click on it and choose New. Type a the name of the schedule. Please choose at appropriate operating system you want to configure.
  5. At the Schedule tab, I choose at start log on
  6. At the Action,


7. Finally, click OK button.

After we configure the group policy, you may use Gpupdate /force and restart the workstation and log on the workstation using the username in the OU that group policy sits.

8. After log on, check the task scheduler at the workstation.

you may get like this.


and check the computer windows or explorer.

Then…your network map drive is working.