Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration via Group Policy


I just want to blog on how to disable the IE Enhance Security Configuration via group policy.

One thing I share this post is because, usually, I create the test environmental lab in virtual machine (VMWare or Hyper-v or VirtualBox), I turn off this IE ESC and Windows Firewall.

Step 1:

Create a new group policy under Group Policy management (gpmc.msc) in your domain controller.


Step 2:

Right-click the group policy and edit.

Under Computer configuration, expand Preferences -> Windows Setting -> Registry

Step 3:

Create New Registry item and under HKEY Local Machine -> Software -> Microsoft -> Active Setup -> Installed Components ->

Find this ID. this GUID is turning off the IE ESC

for Administrators:

A509B1A7-37EF-4b3f-8CFC-4F3A74704073 - ADministrators

For Users:


Step 4: Modify the value under “IsInstalled” to 0