Event 16653 appeared to RID issue

Hi Folks,

In this post, I would like to share the issue on the Event 16653. It was one of directory services logs that you would come across in Windows Server 2012 Environment.

As you are all know, RID master FSMO role issued a domain with 500 RIDs. When each domain’s RID has slowly exhausted which exceeds to 500, it will contact the RID master to request for the RID.

so, in Windows Server 2012 / R2 environment, the event 16653 will not be appeared as the changes of registry has been made.


by default, the RIDs can only issue 500 RIDs. however, this value can be modified in the registry so that the AD Administrators can make such a bulk AD object created more than 500.

The Event 16653 will be appeared when the Administrators created more than 15,000 objects. The maximum value that the RID can be issued is 15,000 RIDs.