configuring outlook anywhere RPC office 2007 in Windows 7

so many weeks, i’ve been searching solutions in configuring outlook using outlook anywhere in windows 7.

some build version of windows 7, did not work with very well in outlook configuration…

I still have no solutions for this.

What I’ve done.

– > I install Microsoft Office 2007 suite until it completes.

-> I install certificates which based on what we set on server certificate for outlook web access (OWA) in the internet.

    for example:

    put it into Trusted Root Certification.

-> then, go to “Mail” in Control Panel -> Create Profile ->Click OK.

-> it will proceed to outlook mail configuration. just tick the checkbox for manual setting. go to connection tab and you  will see the outlook anywhere.

-> there you will see rpc proxy setting

then click ok. it will return to earlier configuration. see figure below:


in my case, my exchange server in internal is “” and put the email address of user to be configured. then click “Check Name”.

then, what happen? for first time configuration, you will panic. it will pop up the… the credential ask you to put your user name and password… not the Administrator credential…it is the user.

How do you know it’s successful or not? it’s simply easy. your email address you entered in the user’s input box, will automatically changed to your full name and it’s been underlined together with the exchange server.

if it is unsuccessful, the warning should be appeared and on the username, your name is not appeared with underline.

Usually, the warning would be like this.. “the action cannot be completed. the connection of exchange server and outlook is unvailable….etc”..

if you think your configuration is correct, try to deactivate your windows firewall, and check the router if you used in the network..

try it… have fun.. but i am not..hehehe