Part 1: Adding Role of Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 8 Beta

I would like to share interactively on how to add Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) Role in Windows Server 8 beta.

step1: Open Server Manager

step 2: On Add Roles and Features Wizard, click Next

step 3: On Select Installation type, choose Role-based or feature-based installation. Then click Next.

step 4:  On Select destination server, select “select a server from the server pool“. Click Next.

step 5: On Select Server roles, tick “Active Directory Domain Services” to enable Active Directory.

step 6: Once you have checked the button, there are some features are required to be installed which are Remote Server Administration Tools, PowerShell, AD DS and AD LDS Tools. click “Add Features”. then click Next.

Step 7:  On Select Features, click Next

step 8: On Active Directory Domain Services, click Next.

step 9: On Confirm Installation selections. it is ready to be installed, once ready, click Install.


On Result, it show the installation progress and just click Close. However, the AD roles are installed but have not yet deploy the domain controller. You have to promote a domain controller either using dcpromo or click “promote this server to a domain controller” on figure below.


Organizing Array Levels in TMG 2010 / ISA SERVER 2006

Previously, I have assigned role of user to manage the ISA Server / TMG server.In ISA Server environment, one has to know the define role. In Array role, there are three roles of array administrators:

  • ISA Server Array Monitoring Auditor – Users and groups assigned this role will have authority to monitor the ISA Server and network connectivity but limited to configure the functionality.


  • ISA Server Array Auditor – Users and groups can perform all monitoring task, such alerts, log configuration, and all the monitoring functionality that are available.


  • ISA Server Administrator. – This can perform any ISA Server task, including rule configuration, network template and so on.


It is important to give least administrative rights to users with their skill. It’s better to set the good security especially the ISA Server became the edge or Tri-home template ISA Server.

  • ISA Server Array Auditor