External Domain Access SharePoint in Trusted domain to Synchronize Picture


I would like to share on how to External Domain Access SharePoint in its trusted domain.

Here is the scenario design below:

AD Trust

In this scenario above, by default the users in abc.local cannot able to access resources in other domain controller. So, in order to access  the resources from external domain to another domain is by creating a trust.

In the figure above, abc.local domain is an external forest where it will have to create a trust with netoverme.info forest.

I assumed that you know on how to build a trust between this two forest.

please refer to this article:


After a trust has been established, then you can share resources such as file server, contact, GAL,etc.

in my example, I am giving abc.local users to access sharepoint in netoverme.info. in order to give access to surf and managing profile, I give an access of specific users of abc.local to access sharepoint.

Not only that, I tried to synchronise a picture of ABC domain users to upload to be used at Sharepoint.netoverme.info.

Here, I firstly create a connection:


there are two AD connection. One is External forest which is ABC.local and another is AD Synchronization which is netoverme.info parent forest.

In Picture’s User Profile Property below, I create two AD Mapping to do exportation job to synchronize picture property to ThumbnailPhoto Attribute.

user profile property

Here is a AD  Property Mapping Synchronization below:


you see that, there are two mapping to do the same job but different domain. the job is to write the thumbnailphoto attribute whenever the users upload the picture in SharePoint and synchronize to the domain ‘abc.local’ and ‘netoverme.info’



At the End, it works fine. I am happy to figure and share this. Thanks.