Web Access Policy in TMG 2010


This is new to me… when I jump from ISA server 2006 to Forefront Threat Managemtn Gateway, I saw a lot of different feature. Then, since I use the TMG as a proxy, this Web Access Policy made me easy to filter unnecassary website that should be blocked in organization.

How to start?

On left pane, you should see web access policy and right click. Then Choose Configure

A web access policy wizard comes out…


Click Next button.

Choose Yes, Create a rule blocking the minimum recommended URL. Then, Click Next.

On Block Web Destination, keep the default.

Then Click Next Button.

For Malware option below I prefer to choose Yes so that it inspects the web content for malware.

At the Https Inspection wizard below:

Click Next.

we need to export a certificate in the TMG server. click Browse on the image below:

type the filename. in example, webaccess.cer.Then click Save. after that, click Next button at the Certificate Deployment.

On the web cache, I enable the web cache like figure above and set the cache to 500MB.

and Click Finish button for completing the wizard.